Physician's Concussion Guide (Click this Link) 

The KSCP materials are intended to establish consistent protocols and a minimum standard of care among Kansas physicians who, by state law, must provide medical authorization for student athletes to return to play after a sports-related head injury.

It’s the law: “Any school athlete who has been removed from a sport competition or practice session shall not return to competition or practice until the athlete is evaluated by a health care provider (must be licensed to practice medicine in Kansas) and the health care provider provides such athlete a written clearance to return to play or practice.
If the health care provider who provides the clearance to return to play or practice is not an employee of the school district, such health care provider shall not be liable for civil damages resulting from any act or omission in the rendering of such care, other than acts or omissions constituting gross negligence or willful or wanton.” (HB 2182, Sec.34, p.24)

KSCP members will update this website and the educational materials on a regular basis to keep Kansas physicians aware of the latest information and research.